A Tree of Life


In the Christian faith, the "Tree of Life" ultimately refers to Jesus Himself. It speaks of healing, completion, hope fulfilled.
Therefore, our organization reflects some of this: there are roots not so visible, but deep and full of many stories of joy and pain, of wounds and healing. An organically growing organization represents the people that makes up its membership.
Wall painting: made by volunteers Luke and Joelle, concept by Henk.


Not Alone in Moments like These 

Walking among the graves in Gobabis Cemetery, one is shocked to see how many dates of birth and dates of death are close together.
As we laid to rest an 8 months old baby today, we know this is what we are, being together in such moments.
It happens that our Foundation sometimes have to provide in needs such as food at funerals and even coffins.


Nutrition plays a role to keep children healthy

Many life-threatening diseases can be prevented,or cured. However, there's no substitute for food. Children shouldn't go hungry!
We thank our contributors: Steps for Children and Light for the Children Netherlands. For our general needs: Namib Mills and other in kind donors.
But..... our income still falls short to keep on providing the kitchen in months to come.


29 oktober 2021, Gobabis
H. Olwage